Who We Are

We are committed to making disciples and creating communities that follow Jesus together on mission for the glory of God in every neighborhood and nation.

What we are about

  1. We are Bible-centered.
    • It is at the center of our gatherings as we seek to be learners and followers of Jesus.
  2. We are Jesus-centered.
    • We recognize that Jesus alone is the Great Shepherd. Our Pastor’s and leaders serve to help people follow Jesus alone.
  3. We are Gospel-centered.
    • The Gospel means good news. So all that we do centers around not what we do, but what Jesus has already done for us.

What We Do

  1. Worship- We Magnify God together
    • As a church and individuals all that we do is to glorify and magnify God. We do this through everything from singing to serving.
  2. Community- We Mature in Jesus together
    • When God saved us he called us into a community where we get to follow Jesus together authentically.
  3. Mission- We Make Disciples Together
    • God has given each believer the special task of carrying on the mission of Jesus by making him known and making disciples.

What is a micro-church?

A Micro Church is a meeting of people that want to discover, trust in, and follow Jesus Christ through genuine community that explores the Bible together, prays together, and lives for Jesus together.

A micro church night usually begins with connecting over food together, sharing how God has been at work, discussing the Bible, praying together, and encouraging one another.

A micro church is more than a bible study, its like an extended family- where we walk the highs and lows together in pursuit of Jesus. We would love to have you join us or help you start a new micro-church!



We are a church, it means we aren’t an organization or a meeting, but a movement of God through a group of people. We believe God designed the church to grow organically as people respond in faith to Jesus.

We are intentional to help people be disciples and make disciples. We want to help disciples gather together in communities to discover, trust, and follow Jesus together in ‘micro-churches’. As micro churches we gather together to partner with each other in living out the way of Jesus.

We meet with Utah Valley Church and their micro churches on Sunday mornings at the Angelus Theater in Spanish Fork, Utah. Because it’s bigger than us or our church, its about how God is moving and working to help people trust and follow King Jesus alone.