Church Planting Vision

Please feel free to reach out and contact us! We would love to answer any questions and chat with you about our church planting process!


We feel burdened for the people in Utah county who are living under the crushing weight and oppression of trying to earn the love of God through religious works, all while claiming to know Jesus. While claiming the name of Jesus, they have not come to know and accept the gracious and forgiving work of Jesus that comes from faith alone. 

We long to see people enjoy and experience the saving and rescuing love of Jesus as they hear the good news of the Gospel and respond in faith. So we are living intentionally doing prayer walks, looking for opportunities to converse, going to the gym, connecting with neighbors, coaching our kids sports, visiting local places regularly, etc. all with the goal of bringing the Gospel to light.


As God graciously brings people to faith in Jesus, we want to see a church community formed that makes disciples of Jesus above all else. A church where believers are committed to following Jesus together for the sake of others. 

We are committed to seeing believers be not only attenders, but active participants of the rescuing and transforming love of God at work in them, in the church, and in their neighborhoods by the power of the Holy Spirit.


While we are praying and laboring to plant a church, it doesn’t end there. Utah doesn’t just need one church, it needs churches in every city. 

We want to see churches of believers living intentionally to make disciples throughout Utah county and the world. We are committed to seeing believers being equipped and sent out to plant new churches in new unreached areas in order to bring the hope of the Gospel to the unreached.



In seeking to plant churches we want to create a community that is intentional about making disciples who make disciples. 

We will have a weekly midweek micro (small) church gathering that meet in homes for fellowship, the study of God’s Word, and prayer. We will also have simple weekly Sunday Morning Macro church gathering where the different micro churches come together for worship through music, preaching, communion, and fellowship. 

The goal is to keep things simple, intentional, and reproducible so that the focus remains on making disciples who make disciples and to see the Gospel go forth to the unreached.